Monday, October 15, 2012

Looking for a Bazaar in Portland, Ore

Only doing one bazaar this year, just did get my planning done. I love to do shows. Love to be around other crafters and people who enjoy our work. Of course there is always the person who says "I can do that, then takes a picture." I want to tell her you have to threw away the first dozen till you get just the right look. I love to see what all the other crafters have been up to and each year the color changes. The craft shows I perfer to do are the one that take me out of town not to far just enough. I don't like the the ususal shows at home, rather go on the road. Love to participate at the Harvest Fest in Hood River great show, but my husband (my roddy) could not go this year. People who know me think I strange that I'm 64 and still selling my wares, they don't understand the process, the fun, and being with my own kind. Hope to find a little show I can go to in Portland, visit my sisters, and make new friends. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Any suggestions please let me know.-thanks

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