Sunday, January 17, 2010

Review: Childhood Parenting Examiner

If you have daughters, you'll most likely want to buy at least one gift this holiday season that will suit their girly tendencies. Even if your girls love cars and trains and climbing and dirt, they probably will also love some of these gifts too.
Dolly's Cupcakes Tea & Me is perfect for girly girls of all ages (though recommended for kids three and up). The soft tea pot, cups, saucers and foods are handmade in the USA. These are very nice quality toys and much better than the plastic and metal sets on the market

November 24, 10:40 AM Early Childhood Parenting Examiner Angele Sionna

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Celebrity Babies Blog: People Magazine

Dolly’s CupCakes’ Tea & Me sets ($38 ) are hand-stitched and huggable! They come complete with a plush tea pot, tea cups, plates, sugar and creamer and chocolate chip cookies.

– Danielle

Dolly's Cupcakes

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