Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My version of You Go Girl blog pillowcases

OK, I have a little to learn about posting. I posted picture from my photo page apparently I need to post first.
Anyway, someone on the blog (yougogirl) had suggestion a rotary cutter that perforates the fabric. Checked with a couple of local stores, no one had the rotate blade. I honestly, tried the 15 yards of yarn, but grew very frustrated. I knit a lot and still have trouble with yarn turning into a mess. I know to use Ziploc bags, use a ball winder, wrap around a card. Still I get to excited and it gets all twisted up. So, trying to handle 15 yards was not working for me. Therefore, I used about 4-5 yards, threaded a big needle (not sure what kind) and did a blanket stitch. Then, went back up thru the same hole, did a single crochet, then off I went. I made sure I started where the flap begins so I can secure all ends under the flap with a good knot and a dab of glue.
Again I love the project and a new fascination with crocheting.

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